Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's A Sister Thing Swap

A person could get old while waiting for the sun to shine for outdoor picture shots.... so I've decided to go ahead and post these pictures so everyone can see the great goodies I received this week.
My goodie package arrived from my "It's a Sister Thing" secret swap sister, Vicki, from A Quilters Mission!  We were given our partner assignments a few months ago and were to "stalk" our partner's blog to find out about their likes and dislikes so we would have an idea of what to make for them.  Vicki hit the nail on the head for getting to know me and I was thrilled with her gifts.
First off is this sweet little zipper pouch that she made in Oliver's honor.  I was really touched by her sweet thoughtfulness.
Here's the inside of the pouch using the opposite fabric colors.
This shows some additional goodies that Vicki sent...... a sweet hand made strawberry pin cushion, a tiny cross stitch kit, and some spools of thread.  All very much appreciated.

And here's the grand finale!  My picture taking does not do this justice but here's the wall hanging that Vicki made!  Isn't it darling?  You can't appreciate the hanging from this shot, but it's fairly large....21" x 21".  She did some great stipple quilting in the ladies' squares and straight line quilting in the border.  And don't you love that tape measure binding!?  It's hanging in my sewing room where it brings a smile to my face everyday!

Thank you so much, Vicki, for being a wonderful Swap Sister!   I feel so lucky that you were chosen to be my partner.  And I must also thank Michele from Quilts From My Crayon Box for hosting this swap.  I've mailed the gifts that I made for my swap sister but cannot post about them yet because..... shhhhhhhhh..... it's a secret!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just wanted to show you a giveaway that I recently won from Sharon at Vroomans Quilts.  She had a boatload of selvedges and wanted to pass them along.  This little photo only gives you a glimpse of how many selvedges were squished enclosed in the shipping bag.  You probably have an idea of how big the child's sewing machine is and the mountain of selvedges is much higher!  They kind of exploded from the bag when I opened the package!
I had fun sorting through them and looking at the huge variety of fabrics.  I'm hoping to make some pin cushions for small least that's the plan for now.  Thanks so much, Sharon!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Checking back in again..... My SIL left yesterday, and as I promised, my sewing machine was put to use and was humming along for much of her visit.
Patti found out the week before her visit that she was going to be a grandmother (again) and a great Aunt (again) and wanted to get a start on some baby quilts.  Here's Patti beginning to piece the baby quilt.  She found some cute monkey fabric and thought it would be pretty cute.  She's a beginning quilter and not very confident of her skills, but she truly does a great job.  We chose an easy pattern that will also be used for the other quilts she wants to make.
Here's her finished baby quilt.  Patti did everything herself with me just barking directions at her.  She takes her time and is very accurate with everything that she does.  Her quilt is completely finished except for the hand sewing on the back of the binding.  She'll be able to finish it easily at home.
She also brought along a jelly roll that she purchased on a previous visit.  I thought a jelly roll race quilt would be fast an easy..... it was.  She only finished the top but was pleased with the quick results.

We had to have a little retail therapy while she was here so we visited a few quilt shops.  This is the fabric that I picked up for myself.  It looks like a lot, but several of the pieces were half price remnants of only 6" or so.

And here is my treasure!  I found this child's sewing machine at a little antique store that is just down the street from me.  I saw it a few weeks ago and resisted it.  When Patti and I went back to browse around, it was reduced by $5 and had to be mine!  It was a really great deal.  The little machine was probably made in 1957 and is in super shape.  Even the little plastic instruction disc is still attached.  I gave it a few drops of oil, and she's cranking quietly and smoothly. 

We actually did quite a few things besides sewing while Patti was visiting.  I didn't want her to feel chained to the sewing machine, even with her deadline to get the baby quilt finished, so we went on some kind of adventure every day.
  (Miss you, Patti!)
Now I've got to get myself moving and get my See You in September blog hop under control, as well as the Sister Swap that I joined.  My blog hop day is September 4th, coming right up.  I've only got a few weeks to get everything done, but I think I can.... I think I can....

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thought I had better check in for just a minute.  I've had a few emails asking how I'm doing..... and I'm doing just fine.  I'm expecting a visit from my SIL next week so I'm getting the house in order and un-fun things like that.  My sewing machine is definitely feeling neglected but I'll take care of that soon.  While my SIL is visiting, we'll be doing some sewing and my machine will feel the love again!
I did want to show you a little giveaway that I won a few weeks ago... a Riley Blake charm pack.  I won this from Corrie at Quilt Taffy..... check out her shop..... it's great!  Thanks so much, Corrie!

So that's my little update.  I won't be posting until later in August and I'm going to try and keep up with reading my blog buddies posts'.  Hope your summer is going well.  Our schools start August 18th, so the summer is definitely winding down.  Keep cool and happy sewing!