Saturday, February 20, 2010

They are all finished! Eighteen blocks, including the two blocks that I contributed to the swap. This is the last batch of the Pink/Green/White swap blocks.

"Churn Dash"--Thanks Diane
"Box Kite"--Thanks Georgia

"Rail Fence"--Thanks Karie
"Pinwheel"--Thanks Diane

I really enjoyed this swap because we all sewed our own blocks from the pieces that were cut out by the swappers. Not having to cut out the block pieces was a huge time saver and it was fun to see what pattern the swappers picked out and their fabric choices. I was also able to control my own seam allowances and make sure that all of the blocks came out to a perfect 12 1/2". Not surprisingly, 1/4" on my machine may be different on your machine. Even a few threads multiplied by several seams can make the overall block a different size. Sewing my own will make setting the blocks a breeze, as they are all uniform in size.

I'm still mulling over what I'm going to make with all of these blocks. I have 18 completed blocks, which includes the 2 blocks that I contributed to the swap. Right now, I'm thinking of making a large lap quilt using 16 blocks, 4 x4. This will leave two left over blocks that could be used for the sides of a tote or I could make an additional block to make a table runner. I've been playing with my graph paper to decide what to do. Hmmmmm.......decisions.........

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  1. They DO look exactly the same size. Would love to see your graph paper doodlings.