Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I have something a little different to show you today... a miniature scene.  I saw something similar on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to make my own version of a mini laundry room. 
This is a large detergent bottle and it took me over two months just to use the soap.  I've been collecting miniatures for most of my life, so I only had to dig out a few boxes to find some goodies to put inside my laundry bottle.

I just cut out the front of the bottle, using the label as my guide.  I also cut out the back so that I could insert the octagon window.  It was pretty dark inside the laundry without the window. 

I added a wallpaper border and put a tile floor in the bottom.  I wanted to wallpaper the whole bottle, but those curved walls were too tough to paper (I even tried using cloth for flexibility) and I settled on just a border. 

There isn't much square footage in a detergent bottle so I wasn't able to fill it with as much as I would have liked.  I'm sure I'll add more items as I come across them in my stash-o-stuff.

This little cat is signed and dated on the underside "SM 1980."  I have several cats (and doll figures too) made by this artist, Sylvia Mobley, including two custom made cats of Darcy and Grover, my first cat babies that I had in the 70's and 80's.
This was a fun and quick project (after I used the soap) and I enjoyed reminiscing through some of my miniature collection. 
I'm thinking that I need to make a sewing room next.......!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Look what came in the mail.... a wonderful winter stitchery from Pauline at Quilt N Queen!  I won this from a random drawing during the Ho Ho Ho blog hop.
It's so cute!  Since the stitching is already done, I'm planning on simply adding some borders and sizing it to fit my table quilt stand.  With temperatures in the mid 90's today, the vision of snowmen is very refreshing!  Thanks, Pauline!

Monday, September 9, 2013

I forgot to show you my new ribbon jar.  I first saw this idea on Pinterest and while shopping at a thrift store last week, I came across this big jar for $.19..... pretty good price!  I'm not sure what the size is.... none of my canning jar lids fit it..... too small or too large..... but I would say it is a large pickle jar size.
Anyway, I wrapped each spool of ribbon around a tongue depressor and secured each ribbon with a straight pin.  I have 40 spools of ribbon in this jar..... much, much less space than the spools took.  I didn't wrap any of the wire-edged ribbon, as it would leave it too kinky and a pain to straighten for use.  As it is, I'll bet I'll have to iron the ribbons to remove the waves.   That's OK though, at least it doesn't take up much space and I like the way it looks.  Back to more ribbon wrapping....... 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This weekend (Thursday - Monday) was my annual roomie reunion (high school friends, then roommates in college) and I was not feeling well enough to make the trip.  We were to gather at Cathy's cottage in Michigan for some girl time and R & R on the lake.  Well.... all was not lost..... they decided to take one of the days and drive down to my house and spend some time with me!  I felt really guilty that they would loose a day of relaxing on the boat and spend many hours on the road, but they came anyway so that I could be a part of this vacation.  True friends, right?!   
It was just what I needed.... some girl time with lots of laughs.  I love these dear ladies and it really lifted my spirits!


After they left, Oliver and I started to work on my Twist to the 60's blog hop idea.  He picked out several batiks for me to use in my project.  (Oliver seems to think that pre-heating the fabric will make it easier to work with...) I'm hoping to make a good dent in it this afternoon.  We'll see.....

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I know...... I said I wouldn't join any more hops until my Christmas projects were finished.  Well, my self control is having issues when they keep having these wonderful blog hop topics.  Who can resist..... certainly, not me!
There's a link on my sidebar if you want to join me in some Wicked fun!  The first 100 will be accepted, so jump in while there is still an opening.    See you in October at the Wicked Hop!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

There's another blog hop in town and I have joined in the fun!  I've added a blog button on my left sidebar if you'd like to check it out for yourself.  Madame Samm and Mary will be cheering us along the way!
I told myself that I would stay away from blog hops until after my Christmas projects were finished..... no, my projects aren't finished....  This just sounded like a fun hop and it stirred up a few memories that I'd like to put into a project of some kind. 
The schedule hasn't been posted yet while they wait to fill the spaces and get things organized.  I'm hoping for a date toward the end of the hop to give myself more time. 
Here we go...... a trip back to the 60's!  Far out!