Monday, February 15, 2010

February BOM. This went together quickly and easily. Since February is short, I wanted to get this block finished before the end of the month slipped up on me.

(Thanks for picking up my block kit, Kathy....and for the cookies...Yum!)

I've been nipping away at the Pink/Green/White quilt block swap kits. Here are a few that are completed.

"Louisiana"--Thanks Andrea
"Prairie Queen"--Thanks Kathleen

"Oh Susannah"--Thanks Kathleen
"Tennessee"--Thanks Lynne
These have been fun to pick up and sew when I've had a little "block" of time. I have more finished and will post those soon. So far, they have gone together pretty well and I'm pleased with the results. I'm still not sure how I'll use the blocks (full quilt, runners, lap quilt, etc.) but I like having lots of blocks to give me lots of options.

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