Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aren't these pretty?! My friend, Penny, stopped by with the last of her summer roses. She didn't want them to just fade away without being enjoyed. We've had several frosts now, and all of my own rose bushes are taking a well deserved winter break.
This picture may look like the Psalm block that I've already posted, but if you had seen the first block up close, you would be able to see a big difference in the accuracy compared to this block. Last night, while watching TV, I took the first block apart, piece by piece, in an effort to save as much fabric as possible. No wonder this block is called "Patience." This afternoon, I cut new pieces for the areas that I needed to redraft in order to sew straight seams. The center squares went from 2 large squares to 8 smaller triangles, and the 2 side triangles became 4 smaller triangles. I really don't like to rip and redo, but now I'm happy with this block and will not hesitate to include it in my finished quilt.

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