Saturday, December 27, 2014


Santa was very good to me this year!  My dear friend, Kathy, gave me a Go Cutter, plus an extra die!  How generous was this.... I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed!
This is one of those quilting gadgets that is far out of my budget so it was never even considered.  Now that I have one, I'm trying to think of ways to utilize it the best.  It's not the answer to all of my cutting needs, but it's one of those specialized tools that is just right for certain projects.  I'm ready to start slicing!
And don't worry, Santa did not overlook the Sarducci's!  They each received two skate boards, each with a Star Wars character on it.  They love Star Wars so they were pretty excited.

Since the modeling business has not been that busy, I needed something to keep them occupied and to burn up some of that goblin energy.  Trust me, you do not want bored goblins.... they will find their own entertainment!

They soon mastered their boards and have kept out of trouble and out of my way. 

And don't worry, they may be fearless but they also seem to be indestructible.  No bumps... no bruises.... nothing but fun!

Hope your Christmas was full of delightful surprises!


  1. What a wonderful gift ! You better keep those critters away from it or they might want to use it and that could be disastrous! You've having way too much fun Jeanie !

  2. You are so funny and so are those Sarducci's! I have a Go cutter and use it once in a while. It makes some cuts so easy!

  3. I can see the excitement on the Sarducci's faces! Lucky fellows. I'm so glad that you had such a great Christmas.

  4. Ooooh!!! What a fun gift you got . . . what kinds of things will you create with it?!? Those Sarduccis are quite hilarious!! :)