Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Wrapping

Yes.... In spite of all of the shenanigans help from the Sarducci's, all of my wrapping is done!
Who knew that bubble wrap was good for so many things.

And ribbon.... you can tie up a lot of things with it!

They did clean up all of their mess and Earl was retrieved from the trash can before he mysteriously and tragically disappeared. 

 Hope your holidays are full of fun and shenanigans too.  After all, life's not expected to run smoothly.  ;)


  1. I tell you what Jeanie....I need some Sarducci brothers to help me out around here. You're lucky to have them to help!

  2. You just crack me up with those creepy Sarducci's! I'll be wrapping things up today and checking to see what's missing and who I left out. I think I have a few gifts to go buy for the!

  3. you two, just creep me out....these creepy things should come with a I am smiling of course

  4. I need to wrap today, but keep your helpers, I'll do fine !