Monday, March 3, 2014

Yesterday was a snow day and except for shoveling, I spent the day sewing.  We got pretty lucky with the snow, only about 5" and it was a bit powdery, making it lighter to shovel.  My back is grateful! 
My sewing machine needed a new cover and new mat for underneath the machine.  I have an extension table for my machine and my old table mat was too short for the extension table to sit on top of it.  Plus.... I just needed a change. 
There are eight pockets on the machine cover, six on the front and one on each end.  I like to have these little cubbies to store frequently used (and often lost) items, like my readers.
The table mat has six pockets.  Whenever I'm at a class or a friends home, besides using the pockets for sewing tools, I like to use one of the pockets as a thread catcher.  Sometimes a trash container can be hard to find or far away from where you are sewing.  This lets me be neat and not have to leave my seat.

This is a close up of the fabric.  It's that double sided, pre-quilted fabric.  I really loved this when I saw it and that's what inspired me to make the new cover and mat.  I found this fabric at Joann's and went back to get some more a few days after I bought it.  It was all gone!  The lady said the bolt sold out in less than a week.  They are expecting more, but you never know if that will happen or not.  I have a little bit left over and may see if I can eke out a bag to hold the extension table when it's not on the machine. 

And one last thing.... the binding on the cover and mat is a hot, bright pink.  These pictures (on my monitor) look really washed out.  It's nice and vibrant and really screams "happy" to me!


  1. Love them both!! Now I need to make both of these for myself!!!

  2. I love that you put pockets on the machine cover! That's a wonderful idea - wish I'd thought of it. :) blessings, marlene