Sunday, March 2, 2014

A couple of weeks ago (maybe not quite that long) Good Morning America had a Steal & Deal that was for a fleece photo quilt.  You go to the site.... .... upload your photos, arrange them, resize them, whatever you want.... and they print it out on a dense fleece.  There are many different products to choose from, this just happened to be the "deal" that day.  Oh, this throw is 50" x 60."
Overall, I was pleased with the final product.  The photos seem a bit darker than they were on my monitor and the whole quilt is printed a bit off center.  The photos remained pretty crisp, in spite of being printed on fleece.  You can't see it in this picture, but the lower left border is only about an inch, while the other borders are two inches.  I can tell that the fabric wasn't fed evenly into their printer or it shifted toward the end of the printing.  Still though, I thought it turned out pretty nice and will be a sweet keepsake to honor Oliver and Gracie.


  1. Too bad they weren't paying attention to Oliver and Gracie's masterpiece and didn't center it properly, but it looks beautiful to me!

  2. Is it a beautiful keepsake of your adorable kitties! Wish I had been watching GMA that day!!! I bet Gracie and Oliver would love to cuddle in it!