Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here's a peek of the quilt top that I just finished.  I need to find a place to take a full shot but thought I'd put a little tease up first.
This was a free pattern called "Trade Winds" that came from the Hoffman Fabrics web site.  I went back to give you a link and it is no longer available on their site for free.  I did Google it and it can be purchased in several places.  This must have been one of those patterns that was only free for a limited time.
Anyway, it was made from a batik jelly roll that my friend, Kathy, gave me a couple of years ago.  If you do track down the pattern, you will see that I changed many things, like adding sashing and corner blocks.  I did this because I had some distortion with all of the bias edges and wanted it to be true, flat, and square when finished.  It is. 
I'll blog more about it when I can get a decent picture.  It only has one border right now, but that may change to make it larger.  And, of course, now comes the hard part..... quilting it. 

My assistant is enjoying a rare moment of a clean, cleared off cutting mat.  Don't get too comfortable, Oliver!


  1. Wow Jeanie I love the bright colors and the pinwheel look of this quilt! Looks easy enough to figure out how to make this, at least for me it does, lol!!! Oliver doesn't seem too thrilled though, lol!

  2. The colors are so cheerful and vibrant and the pattern is lovely. Oliver will be just as happy to lay on new fabric I am certain. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  3. I love the cheerful looking!

  4. Lovely quilt! Love the bright colors and the only place your quilting will show as anything but texture is in the white - this should really be a blast to quilt!!!