Sunday, May 31, 2009

Only two weeks since planting and my rhublets are growing up! Check out the difference from my May 19th post compared to today. (No, the penny did not shrink) We've had ample rain and sunshine, perfect for plant growth. I have been watering them on any day that we don't receive rain, just to make sure they never want for moisture.
This lap quilt is another quilt for charity. Again, the material was donated to my church and it has a mixture of fabrics. I do believe that the top is all cotton, but the backing is flannel and my batting is some sort of thin fleece used for lining drapes. I hardly did any quilting at all, just around the scenes and the folded over binding. The fleece batting isn't going anywhere so I don't have to worry about it bunching up like some battings that require heavy quilting.
I have another small quilt to finish for my church. I have the top pieced, but have not laid it out for trimming, pinning, and then quilting. That's the hardest part in my opinion. I'd like to have it ready for quilting by Tuesday, when we meet at church for our afternoon of quilting. We'll see...........

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