Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sewing Room Link Up

I'm linking up today with several other sewists who are sharing their sewing/crafting/creating spaces with Jennifer of Ellison Lane.  Link up with Jennifer to see lots of great sewing areas.  It's so much fun to eavesdrop into the world of other crafty ladies.  If you link up and join us, you will be eligible to win some great gift certificates!
This is my sewing room..... it's all of 6' x 12'.  As you can see, I make use of every inch.  I'm not going to fill this post up with lots of words..... if you have any questions and want to know what something is, etc., just email me or make a comment.  The photos will enlarge if you click on them.  I took these photos this morning without any clean up or straightening..... what you see is my real world.
The bookshelf is covering up a window.  I live VERY close to my neighbors and this window is only 6' away from their widow.  By covering it up, I have complete privacy although I loose the natural light.  I can be a bit of a hermit and crave solitude and quiet.  I can get a taste of this in my cozy little sewing room.  The little mini wall hangings on the shelves ..... hung with Clover Wonder Clips...... cover up totes full of fabric and other goodies. 
This area is next to the shelving unit and holds my ironing station.  There is also a cutting mat under the ironing surface.  I have used bed risers to make this high enough to be easier on my back.  Of course, all floor space is utilized under the table for more totes of fabric.  (I have more fabric in another room and also out in my garage....... I've been sewing my whole life and quilting since the 60's, so I have LOTS of fabric!)
This is the other end of the room with more shelves.  Most of these books are quilting books with an assortment of craft books thrown in.  More totes on top of the shelves with..... yes, more fabric.
Full view of the sewing end of the room.  My sewing machine is on the left and there is another cutting mat right next to the machine.  I can sew and trim without leaving my chair.  I also have a folding TV  tray that I use for ironing if I don't want to get up and go to the other ironing surface.  Sounds lazy, but if you are sewing tons of little seams, it sure cuts down on the time if you can sew and quickly rotate to trim and iron. 

And here's a full view of the other end.  Kind of gives you a perspective of my little space.  It may be small, but it's very functional and efficient for my needs.

Hope you'll visit the other blogs to see more sewing rooms.... I love snooping.... don't you?!


  1. It looks quite organized for your 6'x12' space. Since my sewing room looks like a tornado hit it, I wouldn't want to share it with even my best friend. LOL

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your creative sewing studio with us!

  3. I think we all cram as much as we can into our space, no matter the size. You have a nice little sewing cave there.

  4. Lovely sewing space. I recently posted a picture of mine on my blog if you care to take a look.

  5. I love your space. Cozy is good and you are so creative.

    I'm number 7 on the link up list. Lots of red.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. You've managed to get a lot into a small area! I'm having new flooring put into my sewing room and have to move out this week. Oh my. blessings, marlene

  7. I want to see the little quilt with orange birds! :) great space you have there!
    xoxo melzie

  8. Very nice use of your small room. I saw ideas for my own space.thank you for sharing!

  9. Did you make those darling little purses on the shelf? I love those. I also like knowing that there are other "experienced" quilters out there. I started with garments, too, sewing for myself and our boys. Now they are grown up, so I quilt for anyone who asks and sometimes for no one at all!