Sunday, August 11, 2013

I finally finished my donation for the 2013 Mennonite Hunger Relief Auction.  The finished size is 16" x 16" and there are 200 pieces in the top.  I've called it "200 Pieces."  Pretty creative title....huh?  This is the auction that only allows hand quilting, thus, the quilting is sparse.  :)  There is no way that I could have done any quilting in the tiny blocks themselves.  I planned to bind the hanging with the turquoise fabric, but didn't have enough.  I ended up using a gray fabric from my stash.

Here's a close up of my clumsy quilting.  It came out OK, but if my hands didn't hurt so much, I could make smaller stitches.  This may be my last donation for this auction because of the hand quilting requirement.  I'll just have to see what my thoughts are after the first of the year when it's time to start planning the next quilt.
The auction isn't held until the latter part of September.  I usually attend and will let you know if my little hanging sells.  It's for a great cause, so I hope someone likes it!


  1. That is beautiful and such a sweet donation! I love the colors and design. I keep thinking I'm going to hand quilt something, but it hurts my hands just thinking about it.

  2. Jeanie that is a beautiful quilt! If your hands hurt and you don't have arthritis or something, then it could be the batting you chose, your fabrics or both. Polyester batting is much easier to quilt through and so is wool batting. Cotton batting is a bit harder for the needle to glide through. Also tighter woven fabrics such as batiks are very difficult to hand quilt through. So if you were trying to quilt through a denser fabric and cotton batting yes indeed your hands would hurt!

    You could try quilting on a scrap of fabrics with a polyester batting (thin of course and not thick) and see how it feels before tackling another hand quilting project. If you don't have any polyester batting, ask a friend or if you belong to a quilt group, ask for a scrap so you can at least try it first before buying some. I like the polyester batting from the Warm Company the best.

  3. Jeanie, your quilting looks just fine to me ! The whole thing is beautiful and for a great cause !