Monday, July 8, 2013

I went ahead and put the borders on last night, going with a 3" border.  I can always make it narrower.  It's now 16" square. I'm going to bind it with the turquoise fabric if I have enough left over.  I may even pipe the edge instead of regular binding.  I had planned on adding a tatted trim around the blocks, but when I laid it on top of the blocks, it just took your eye away from the quilt and made it too complicated..... didn't add anything to it. 

Now I have to hand quilt it.  Yuck...... I don't enjoy hand quilting at all anymore.  Too painful for my hands.  This auction will only allow hand quilted quilts.  You can machine piece...thankfully.... but cannot machine quilt your donation.  This little quilt is just screaming for precision, machine quilting in some sort of straight line or geometric pattern.  My hand quilting will not do this justice and will actually make it less appealing.  When you are auctioning off quilts for hunger relief, you would think they would allow machine quilting which would probably double their quilt donations and thus make tons more money.  But, alas, rules are rules ..... traditions must stand .... and hand quilt, I must.


  1. It's a beautiful quilt and I can just see it with the turquoise binding. Too bad about the hand quilting - I wouldn't be able to do that at all I don't imagine. My arthritis worsens every day. :( blessings, marlene

  2. I think it looks wonderful. Hand quilting will be so pretty on it. I agree though hand quilting is hard on the hands.

  3. Love your quilt!!! Just stunning! I am so sorry they only allow hand this day and age, it just doesn't seem right to make that restriction! Hand quilting hurts so you think that suggesting they also accept machine quilted items as a way to increase their revenue would make them change their mind in the future? Sure hope so because you are so right - I would NOT donate one to them just because they require hand quilting.