Monday, January 21, 2013

In between posts of actual sewing projects, I thought I would show you one of the collections that I have.  "They" say that any more than two is a collection which means that I have more collections than you can count!
This is my collection of darning eggs.  Even though many are not egg shaped, that seems to be the standard description for these darning tools.  Many of the things that I collect are small and inexpensive, as I'm short on both space and money. (Aren't we all?!)  Most darning eggs can be found for $5 to $15.  Naturally, there are exceptions and some darning eggs may cost much more.   
Here's a good variety of eggs.  The ones that look like maracas are the most common and usually the cheapest.  Most households would have both a dark and a light colored egg to contrast the fabric that they were working on.  It just makes it easier to see the threads or yarns that you are repairing if you are using a contrasting egg color.  The green glass one and the maple one next to it are foot shaped.  The maple foot egg has the most beautiful wood pattern on it..... it might even be birds eye maple.  The green glass one was hand blown.  The hand painted, mushroom shaped egg has a spring around it that is used to hold the sock or fabric taut, just like an embroidery hoop. 
Hope you enjoyed seeing these eggs.  You can readily find them  and they are easy on the budget.  Happy collecting!

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