Sunday, January 27, 2013

****February 1**** Just an update on my manicure's life span for anyone interested.  It lasted 2 weeks and 6 days before my pinky chipped.  I only had the one chip, but I'm sure many more were destined to follow suit.  I could not believe that a manicure could last this long.  The downside of the gel polish is that it was difficult to remove....time consuming and it was hard on my nails.  Next time, I'll soak my nails for the time that they recommended... 15 minutes...and actually save myself some labor.  None the less, I love this product and I'm glad that I gave it a go.
I'm a bit "off topic" today with a product recommendation.  I recently bought an at-home gel kit manicure.  This particular kit was made by Sensationail. Sally Hansen makes another gel kit, although it didn't rate as high as the Sensationail kit (at the time I purchased my kit- could have changed by now).  They are expensive and I had my doubts about the product living up to the reviews.  It says the manicure can last "up to two weeks."  I've never had good luck with a manicure, salon or otherwise, because they just don't last with the abuse that I give my hands.  I'm lucky to get 24 hours out of a manicure without serious chips.  Well, this kit has exceeded my hopes for an at -home manicure.
The picture above was taken today, exactly two weeks and two days after I gave myself a manicure.  (Please ignore the old, dry, arthritic, chapped thumb!)  You can see the two weeks+ nail growth at the base of my nail, showing just how long this manicure has lasted.  Not one nail has chipped (yet)!  I did not change any of my normal habits and did not baby these nails in any way.  The manicure is cured with an LED light that is included in the kit, so there is no dry time at all.  You can give yourself a manicure and immediately go on with your life.  You MUST follow the instructions to get these results, but it wasn't rocket science.  I don't have a dishwasher..... just my hands.... and I've even opened up pop top cans, using my nail as a lever.  No chips!
So there you have it..... a "thumbs up" review for the Sensationail gel nail kit.  (No affiliation here....just a happy camper.)  If you are interested in giving this a try, be patient and wait for sales or coupons.  I managed to buy mine at about half price online at CVS, making it worth the risk to give it a try.  I hope you have the same results!

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