Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's finished! My Quilts for Kids quilt is finished! I posted the information about this organization in an earlier post and I'm just now finishing the quilt. They supplied the fabric, I supplied the elbow grease. The quilt measures 38" x 45".

I finish lots of quilt tops, runners, tablecloths, etc., then panic when it comes to quilting the project. Thus.....I have tons of unfinished quilts stored away. The instructions with this organization specifically asked for heavy quilting in order for the quilts to stand up to daily washings. I knew that a simple stitch in the ditch would not be adequate, but what to do? After a long period of procrastination and several prayers, I jumped in with a simple wavy line, sewn diagonally across the quilt from top to bottom. It looked OK...didn't pucker.....looked fine on the back...... Then another line approximately an inch from the first line....and so on.

I'm very pleased with the end result. It looks nice and will hold up for a long time. Here's the back with my label attached. Under the label is a scripture for comfort and healing. May God bless the child that receives this quilt and may they enjoy it in good health!

(And now.....when I get time.....I may actually finish some of those waiting projects!)

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