Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Christmas in September! I started working on a Christmas exchange that needs to be finished by the middle of October. It will be a small winter wall hanging and I'm using paper foundations for the focal blocks. I think it will be about 16"x 20" when finished, but that may change as I work on the project.

Backside of the stars. Not many pieces and pretty simple to make. The block is 3" x 3" (finished).

Star front.
Tree backside. This block is 5" x 6" (finished). More complicated than the star and harder to guesstimate the right size of fabric pieces because of all of the angles. Best tip is to just cut much larger pieces than you think you will need and save yourself lots of time and do-overs. Even though you waste more fabric, it keeps you from pulling your hair out.

Front side of tree. I'm trying to achieve the looks of a snowy, winter night.

I made one of each of these blocks to audition the fabrics to see if I would like the way they turned out. It just saves time to take this extra step to make sure everything will turn out as you envisioned. Fortunately, I'll be able to use these blocks in the final hanging.

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  1. Wow! Pretty! The finished wall hanging will be lovely. So much work...!