Friday, August 29, 2008

I worked on a couple of Block of the Month kits yesterday. The bright yellow and green one is a Thangles series, their Buck a Block series. I'm not crazy about using Thangles as I find them more tedious than just making the blocks the "old fashioned way", but I have enjoyed the series. I'll be making a small table runner out of the 8" blocks. This is the eighth block, so I have a few months to go. I've chosen a bright purple marbled fabric for my sashing and borders.

The red, cream, and blue one is the last block in a 12 block series. I'm not crazy about this block, nor have I been very fond of many of the blocks. Still, it's been fun seeing what the block will be each month. These blocks are 12" and, as a general rule, I prefer smaller blocks. I doubt that I'll do anything with these blocks but, as I said, it's still been a fun series. Once I commited to the series, I was going to finish them, whether I used them in a quilt or not.

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