Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mini Finishes

A couple more small finishes today.  Two wall hangings that were pretty quick to put together.
The first one was a free pattern from Aurifil.  It's the Auriful Mini Quilt and there are a few in this series of free designer patterns.  I had some fabric from my stash that worked well for this.... "Cachet" by Marie Osmond for Quilting Treasures, given to me years ago by a sweet friend.  (Thanks, Kathy!)   Measures 15" x 17 ".

This one is from a pattern called Dwell Mini from Thimble Blossoms.  The fabric came from Connecting Threads..."Oh Clementine" from Windham Fabrics is the fabric line.  It was fun to decide what fabric to use on what house in what way....roof...walls...pinwheels.  Measures 13" x 16". 
And lastly, my gratuitous photo of Kirby.  Today is his 5 month hatchaversary.  His dried-on baby formula is finally coming off of his face and he is slowly learning to talk.  His repertoire so far is "Hi Kirby", so we have a lot more training to do.  Cockatiels don't always talk so I won't be disappointed if this is all that he says.  ;)
Have a great weekend!  I've been working in the yard the past couple of weeks on those nice, cool days, trying to make it more presentable.  Mow...mow... mow.... wears me out but it sure is nice to have the warmer weather back.


  1. Cute, cute mini quilts and sweet bird! I had no idea Marie Osmond made patterns like this mini on.

  2. Great minis!! Kirby is adorable and I'm sure he is a lovely companion for you!! Thanks for showing him off occasionally!!

  3. Jeanne your quilts are sweet. Kirby must be fun, he's cute!

  4. I love finishes - I haven't had many lately! blessings, marlene

  5. Awesome minis Jeanie! I'm loving the warmer weather. Have a great week! Happy stitching, Pauline

  6. Adorable mini quilts.. I love the little houses. Happy Hatchiversary to Kirby! He is a cutie. May you have a happy weekend, my friend ... :) Pat