Monday, April 13, 2015

Kirby Cockatiel

As many of you know, I have been pet-less since last July when my sweet Oliver crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I have been hesitating to get another cat....not sure if it is because it would be hard to find as great a cat as Oliver or what.  He would have tough paws to fill.  I just haven't been able to bring myself to adopt another cat.  That may change, but for now, I'm holding back.
So... recently, I came across the little fellow below.... a cockatiel.  I decided I needed a friend as I was talking to just about every inanimate face in my house... pretty pathetic.... so I decided to adopt him.  His name is Kirby and his hatchday is 12/02/2014, making him just over 4 months now.  He was hand raised and is now quite tame, enjoying as much time as possible with me, interacting....playing... watching TV....whatever.
Now here's the rub.... I'm allergic to him.  Not an airborne allergy, but on my skin where he walks on me.  His little claws just barely scratch the skin but it's enough to cause an itchy rash.  I found this out right away and have been trying to find him another home.  Last week.... I found a girl that was really excited to adopt him from me.  At first I was really excited too, then the reality of giving him up hit hard.  Long story short.... I couldn't bare to part with him.  I have had him just over 5 weeks and he's now just part of my family.
Here's Kirby carrying a clothespin up one of his ladders.  He's pretty easy to entertain. 

Kirby at Easter time....riding on his lambs.

Kirby apparently has "David Letterman Disease" and enjoys throwing things off of the top shelf of my bookcase where his play stand is located.  That yellow stick is a toothpick and it's actually in motion, falling to the ground.  If he can get it in his beak... he will throw it off the shelf and watch it fall.

He loves, loves, loves his veggies.  It's important to have your bird eat a variety of foods and Kirby is a good eater....takes after his mom, I guess.  ;)  The brown/tan spot you see around his eyes is dried baby formula, hard as a rock.  It will eventually come off but it looks a little crusty right now.

Here he is enjoying a laugh with Steve Harvey.  The gray lump that he is standing on is my folded up leg.  It's his favorite spot to preen and nap.

 And lastly, he likes to help me read my email.  He likes to peck at the things on the screen.... on my phone too... and has even tried to remove the keys.  Needless to say, he has to be supervised at all times.  A bird is a perpetual 2 year old and I hope I'm up for the challenge! 

I won't bother you with lots of Kirby pictures from now on.  I just wanted to introduce him to you.  I'm hoping my allergies will be manageable.  I've ordered some of those thin white gloves that they use at the quilt shows... hoping that they may help a bit.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  I've yet to let him into the sewing room....too many things for him to get in to.  Right now, the Sarducci Brothers are still my main sewing models and will be keeping their jobs.  They were quite happy about that!

Thanks for visiting and meeting Kirby!


  1. Kirby is adorable!! I had a cockatiel once - what a fun bird! He would sit on my shoulder and bite at my earrings or pick the mascara off my eyelashes! I agree with you, Kirby would not be a good fit in the sewing room - can you imagine what he would do with the pins and needles?? Or the bobbins?

  2. I had a grey cockatiel named Tahvi when I was in college. Loved him so :) Kirby looks to be quite the entertainer. Tahvi used to like to bite at pencil erasers when homework was being done...and imitate the radar detector on the trips back and forth from home.

  3. I hope that you have many great happy times together!! xx

  4. Oh, he is a cutie! I can see where you would be attached! AND YES!!! more photos! I would love to see them!

  5. Welcome to your new nest Kirby....feather it well.

    1. Sorry.. I couldn't respond via are a no-reply blogger. I hope you come back to read this.... I truly do love your sweet comment. Kirby appreciates the welcome and so do I!

  6. I think he is adorable and I wouldn't be able to give him up either. I hope those gloves work! I had a cockatiel named Miss Peach who kept escaping from her cage. Scared me to death because one day I couldn't find her and my cats were looking a little too guilty. Luckily, she'd found a safe place to get away from them. I ended up giving her to my mom, who didn't have naughty bird-hungry cats!