Friday, February 6, 2015

Nothing Special

Not much to show you lately.  I'm still out here, lurking around  all of the other blogs but not adding any posts of my own.  I have been doing a little sewing but two of those projects have to be secret for a little while longer.
This one I can show you. This is a little project that has taken me about a year and 30 minutes.... one year thinking about making it..... and 30 minutes actually constructing it.  Pitiful, huh?  In any case, it's just a little quilted envelope style bag to hold the extension table for my Janome.  I've already made one for my other extension table but wanted to make another one to keep this one from getting scratched too.  Simple, but effective. 

We've been blasted by snow this past week.... 16" on Sunday and another 6" two nights ago.  Yesterday was the first day that I was able to get out of my house and run some errands.  I focused on the important errands..... getting some groceries and stopping at my LQS.  Only essentials, right?!
I found this cute little basket at Target for $3.00..... not bad.  It was in those $1 to $3 bins that are in the front of the store.  It's actually quite well made. 

I'm using it as a scrap basket for now.  It's just perfect for the job.

And finally, a little stash building at my local quilt shop.  Everything Christmas was on sale and I picked up a yard of each of these fabrics, plus the charm packs.  I'm telling you, after being stranded for 4 days, I needed some retail therapy to keep my sanity!

Hope you are all hanging in there this winter.  I do love the exquisite beauty of winter, but the snow shoveling just wears me out.  We are actually expecting rain on Sunday with warmer temps so the snow will melt a bit, enough to clear the streets anyway, I hope.  OK, Spring.... I'm ready!


  1. I'm with you, I am tired of the's all iced over now...yuk!! Pretty bag, looks like a good way to keep your table safe!

  2. We are supposed to get some weather this afternoon. I dont mind the snow but ice I hate. The snow usually only last 1 to 2 days and then we can get out and about.

    That basket is way cool! You did good on that!

  3. The envelope bag for your sewing machine extension table is a great idea. Cute scrap basket. Very pretty Christmas fabrics. Makes me want to go shopping those after Christmas sale fabrics. I shall be strong and resist, though, as I really have more than enough fabric to keep me busy for a very long time ... ;) Pat

  4. Love your bag, need me a basket for scraps

  5. Hope the snowfall has eased up for you. Fingers crossed that Spring will be so lovely that it will make up for winter's naughtiness this year. ;o)
    Clever bag for your machine's extension table. Don't ever think you're alone in having an idea that takes less time to sew that it did to come up with it. Happens to me ALL the time. ;o)
    Stay warm and happy stitching!