Thursday, November 20, 2014

T'Was The Night Blog Hop

Yesterday, I showed you the wonderful gifts that I received from Katherine of Sew Me Something Good.  Today, I'll show you the gifts that I sent to Leah of Quilted Delights.

First off is one of those 10 minute runners.  Even after picking out the fabric, these really take about 30 minutes, still a quick gift.  This picture was taken outside in October, before our first snow.

And....they're baaaaaaack!  Sorry about all of the Sarducci pictures.  When I was reviewing which photos to include today, there really weren't any that didn't include the Brothers.  They are becoming quite the hams! 

Here's a little cup cozy to keep Leah's fingers from being scorched while sipping a good hot cup of her choice of drink.... 

 A little quilted bag for holding goodies.... maybe scraps.... Christmas candy..... Sarducci's......

Four little fabric coasters to keep the rings off of the furniture.......(keeping the Sarducci's off of the furniture is another story)
In addition to the handmade goodies, I slipped some extras into the package.  There is a calendar, a tote bag, some hand soap, a snowman ornament (in the box) and some gingerbread buttons.
 Also a couple of sewing themed fat quarters.

This next 10 minute runner was not sent along as a gift for Leah.  This was my first 10 minute runner to make, using a kit that my friend Kathy sent me.  Now this runner picture was taken yesterday, outside in the snow.  Brrrrrr......

Backside... these great runners are completely reversible. 
So there you have it.  I've really enjoyed this hop.  I know that Christmas is not about the gifts, but for this particular hop, giving and receiving gifts really made it special!


  1. Great gifts! Sure to put a smile on anyone's face :)

  2. Love the runner. Also love your helpers.

  3. Love all your pictures with the Brothers... hilarious! What a lovely collection of gifts you sent to Leah. Those 10 minute table runners are wonderful!

  4. Super quick and easy gift the 10 minute table runners. Happy Holidays!!

  5. She got some awesome gifts from you ! The Green brothers didn't hitch a ride in the mail did they ?

  6. Great gifts, beautiful fabrics you used!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  7. Thanks again Jeanie! The gifts are wonderful and made beautifully. Those 10 minute Table runners are beautiful, Can't wait to try one out for myself.

  8. Very nice collection of sweet, handmade gifts Jeanie! The very best kind!