Monday, September 29, 2014

Twas the Night Blog Hop

Yup, I've joined another blog hop!  This one caught my attention because we are to make **quick** Christmas projects...not huge quilts.  These projects are to be week end projects, one nighter projects, or only require a few hours or less to complete.  Even though I'm always pushed near the holidays (purely my own fault), I thought this hop would not take the time commitment that many other hops require.  And this one has a bonus..... we will be gifting one of the other bloggers with our creation(s)! 
Hmmmmm..... I'm thinking that this fabric has it's name written all over this blog hop!  What do you think..... appropriate fabric??!!
I haven't started my project(s) yet, but have tons of ideas swimming around in my brain.  I don't know when I'll be posting or who I'll be gifting..... those details will come soon.  Please stop back by to see what I've made and see what the other bloggers will make too.  This is great timing for people like me who wait until the last minute to make gifts.  I'll get lots of ideas from the other hoppers and will still have from the end of November until Christmas to complete them.
Twas the night before


  1. It's going to be another fun hop/swap :D

  2. Perfect fabric!! Looking forward to the hop to get ideas for easy gifts to make!!

  3. This sounds like a great challenge for you. Have fun with every part of it.

  4. This will be a fun hop-swap, I am glad I got in too though I think that October is early for Christmas usual is the week before :)

  5. I like that it's a quickie too !

  6. I love that fabric! I have no idea what I'll be making, but my poor little brain is just swimming with ideas.