Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just wanted to show you a giveaway that I recently won from Sharon at Vroomans Quilts.  She had a boatload of selvedges and wanted to pass them along.  This little photo only gives you a glimpse of how many selvedges were squished enclosed in the shipping bag.  You probably have an idea of how big the child's sewing machine is and the mountain of selvedges is much higher!  They kind of exploded from the bag when I opened the package!
I had fun sorting through them and looking at the huge variety of fabrics.  I'm hoping to make some pin cushions for small least that's the plan for now.  Thanks so much, Sharon!


  1. Oh the possibilities! I can't wait to see what you make. Very fun giveaway.

  2. I love playing with selvedges! I recovered my daughter's dining room chairs with selvedges and they look awesome!!! I am looking forward to seeing what you create with them!

  3. Great idea for the selvedges, that is what I'm going to do when I get enough.
    Congratulations on the win.