Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rain, rain....go away!

It's raining at least one cat at my house today!  I've never seen this much rain since I've lived here..... 16 years.  The streets are flooded, which is expected, but so is my yard.  The flower beds are flowing over their borders and the low lying areas could be stocked with fish!  The problem isn't the amount of rain, it's that the ground is saturated (and still frozen except for the top few inches) and can't accept any more moisture. 

As soon as I got home, Oliver claimed the umbrella and is now napping in it as I write this.  Rain is expected most of the day tomorrow too, so it will be interesting to see if there is much area flooding.  Even with this much water at my house, I should be fine.  I'm on a slab and the most water is pooling on the side of the house without a door.  And, hey..... imagine if this were snow.... Noooooooooo!

**Update**..... a few hours later, the water has absorbed into the ground.... at least on my property, the streets may tell another story.  I couldn't believe the difference a few hours made.  I suspect tomorrow's rain will bring the same effect..... flooding, followed by absorption.  April showers have certainly arrived!


  1. Send it here!!! Eastern Washington is so far behind in our precipitation for the past several years...wells going dry on the farms, not a good thing! Western Washington doesn't need any more, we don't want to lose any more communities to mud slides.

  2. Jeanie we could use some of that rain here too, lol. Cats are so funny how they lie on stuff.

  3. Sweet kitty in that umbrella...they can get comfy in the weirdest places! We had a few sprinkles here today, but mostly wind, wind, and more wind. Stay dry!