Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday Oliver!!

I can't believe that I've had 17 precious years (he was 1 when I adopted him) with my little Oliver.  Time certainly slips away.  Oliver has been such a joy with the most gentle, loving personality you could ever ask for.  Even taking this picture.... I was about 2" away from his face and he just snuggled in while I took shot after shot around his face.  He's very patient with me!

Last year on his birthday, I wrote that I didn't know if he'd see his next birthday or not.... I guess I have to say it again, with the hope that he will have a great year ahead of him.  His health issues are serious, but as long as he seems to have a happy, fulfilling life, I'll celebrate each delightful day spent with him! 

Thanks for being my cat, Ollie!      


  1. Kitties are such wonderful companions. Happy Birthday.

  2. What a precious photo. Happy Birthday, Oliver!