Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside! 
Our first major snowstorm of the year arrived yesterday and has left quite a disaster in it's path.  It's our second worst snow storm in history.  As beautiful as it is, I'm glad that it's over for the time being.  We are under a snow emergency so no one is allowed to travel on the roads outside of emergency vehicles.  It's quite peaceful without the sound of even one car.  (I did hear several snow mobiles out last night, however!)  Because of where I live, I will probably be stranded for 4 or 5 days, but that's OK, I've got everything I need right here in the house. 
This was taken in my back yard, somewhere in the middle of the snowfall yesterday.  I had to shovel every few hours to even try and keep up with the snow.  I was forced to quit by early evening as I was just too beat to shovel one more scoop.  Oh..... my aching old body!
Here's the back of my garage.  You really can't get an idea of the amount of snow out there..... white is white and it's hard to appreciate how deep it is.
Overnight, we got several more inches of snow and I went out first thing this morning to make another round with the shovel.  The snow storm is over, but the bitter cold is approaching fast.  I shoveled around 8 AM, at the warmest time of the day.  It was -4 with a wind chill of -35.... chilly burgers!  I was able to get things cleared fairly easily by keeping my back to the wind.  Our total accumulation was somewhere between 18 and 20 inches.... it was kind of hard to guesstimate the grand total because of the drifting.  I can only attest to the fact that it was a lot of snow.... too much snow!
I'm snug inside now, showered, fed and planning on a quiet day of sewing or reading.  It's supposed to be -20 later today with wind chills at -50.  As unreal as this storm has been, it's predicted to be in the mid 30's by Friday so relief is on the way.  It's hard to grasp how bazaar these extremes can be.  Nothing to do but go with the flow!
Is it almost Spring yet? ;) 


  1. Brrrrr...that is so cold and snowy! We have a bunch of elderly people on our street, so when it snowed there were lots of helping hands to clear the pathways. My husband and I shoveled our driveway...even as old as we are, we are considered among the younger set. :O) Let's hope for an early Spring!

  2. Here in Comanche we're at 21, yesterday we got down to 12, and that's cold for central Texas. Busting ice for the cattle is something we don't have to do very often....and get this it's supposed to be 68 on Friday ! Stay warm !!

  3. What a beautiful snowfall! We are thankfully past that horrible cold snap but I know it's not our last for the winter. I don't mind winter as long as I'm inside in my flannels all cozy and warm. :) blessings, marlene