Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas

I love the post-Christmas glow!  This  is the time when we can relax, knowing that the actual holiday is over and we can sit back and enjoy what is left of our Christmas decorations without the stress of gift giving.
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and were able to take a few moments to reflect and bask in the  true meaning of Christmas.... not the gift giving.... and enjoy the special memories.
I have a few pictures of the sewing/quilting related gifts that I received. 
First up... two new books.  Judi Madsen's Wide Open Spaces and Laurie Hird's The Farmer's Wife Pony Club.  Judi's book has several quilt patterns along with suggestions for machine quilting the open spaces of your quilt.  It has an enclosed CD for more instructions.  Laurie's book is a companion book to her first book, The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  Both books are based on letters from the Farmer's Wife magazine.  The Pony Club has letters written by children that received Shetland ponies as a reward for magazine subscriptions sold.  There was some controversy as to whether this was a legitimate contest or not... were there actually winners and did they really receive ponies?? the magazine asked the kids to send in pictures of their ponies and accompanying letters.  It's a charming book with an insight to the life of a child in the early 1900's.  This book also comes with a CD with the patterns and instructions for the quilt blocks that go along with the kid's stories. 
I'd certainly recommend both of these books. 
At the bottom is a page-a-day quilting calendar by our friend Debby Kratovil and Jean Ann Wright.
This is the fabric that I received.  Some coordinating fat quarters, some coordinating fat eighths, and some miscellaneous fabric.  I love them all!

And here are the patterns that I received.  The two on the left are patterns only and the pumpkin on the right is a complete kit with laser cut fabric.... all ready to put in place, fuse and sew.  Can you see the cute little mice faces on the top left pattern?  Delightful!

I think this is all of my sewing loot.... if I come across more as I'm putting things away, I'll slip in a picture. 

And soon.... I'll be posting some of the things that I made for Christmas gifts.  I really didn't make many things this year so it will be fairly quick to blog about the gift making. 

Happy Post-Christmas!


  1. Very cool gifts! I always wanted a Shetland pony...wish I'd won one, but I'm not so sure my parents would have been very excited about it. :O)