Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

I always hate to say "Happy" Veteran's Day.  For many, happy is not a word that would come to mind.  I do want to honor the Veterans today.... and of course.... every day, for keeping me safe from harms way.
This is a picture of my Dad, somewhere in Germany in 1944 or 1945.  This particular photo does not have a caption on the back, but it looks like he's taking a break and relaxing a bit.  In the midst of the horror of war, these breaks must have been few and far between.
Many of the photos that I have are bleak and quite disturbing.  His unit, The Timberwolves, took over some concentration camps and the pictures are horrendous.  It's so hard to fathom the evil capabilities of some people but the photos are here to remind us to never repeat these atrocities.      
So I send my sincere appreciation to all of our Veterans, in all wars, for their service to our country.  If you see a Vet today....thank him or her.....give him or her a hug.... and just let them know that they are not forgotten or taken for granted, but remembered with grateful respect.

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