Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My sweet friend, Kathy, delivered this little fall wall hanging to me over the weekend.  It was a belated birthday gift and I just love it.  Fall is my time of the year and if I were in a bit better shape, I'd actually be the one jumping into these leaves!  Thank you so very much, Kathy.... I love it!

I decided to put up a few Christmas decorations yesterday and my trusty assistant, Oliver, was happy to help me.  In spite of his help, I did manage to put up the tree and a few other festive items.  I didn't put out much since my health has been a bit iffy and didn't want to get in over my head.  You know the saying, "what goes up, must come down" and it's a lot of work!

Here's my little 3' table top tree, wearing only lights and a star.  (I truly only put up a few things.)  I like to turn the tree lights on in the evening and just enjoy the peacefulness of its' presence.
I did add a few other things around the house, a Christmas wall hanging on the door, Christmas place mats at the tables, a few figurines, that kind of thing.  Again, easy to put away at the end of the season....very little muss, very little fuss!

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