Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The autograph wedding quilt blocks are done.  Actually, they've been done for awhile but I was working on the presentation of the blocks and how to make it easy to manage signing the blocks at the wedding. 

Here's the stack of 110 blocks.  I had planned on making 100, then decided to make 10 more for a rectangular quilt.  The overall size will be a queen sized quilt, more or less, depending on how I finish up with the borders.  I suppose this stack is about 7" tall.  All of the blocks have a square of freezer paper ironed to the back of the cream center to make signing smoother.

Here's kind of a layout of the blocks for signing at the wedding.  There are two baskets, one for the blank blocks, and one for the finished, signed blocks.  This will keep them corralled and safe from getting lost in the chaos.  The frame in the background has the instructions for signing the blocks.  Patti is going to have someone supervise this whole process, but if no one were around, this explanation is simple enough to follow.

I went ahead and decorated all of the fabric pens with the hope that someone wouldn't accidentally put one of them in their pocket and walk off with it, thinking it was a regular pen.  I've glued and tacked the flowers to the pens.  I hope they will stay put.

 Here's the front of one of the baskets.  The baskets, the frame, and the mason jars holding the pens all have inspirational word rocks attached to them......"Love, Trust, Joy, Laugh, and Faith." 

Now I just need to get them in the mail so that Patti can have them ready for signing!


  1. Jeanie,

    You are amazing! Your artistic, sensitive heart and eyes have always impressed me. Even more so, your loving heart has deeply affected my life, always in positive ways. You are truly my sister, a treasure, a joy.

    Everything you've done here is perfect! The fabric colors (and you know I love batiks), the baskets, the way you decorated everything...

    There's the perfect wooden table at the wedding venue for all these things. It's in the left hand corner of the foyer, where people will pass as they enter the front doors. The guest book will be in the right hand corner. In the center is a tall piece of furniture where we might put a picture.

    I can't wait! People will love this, but they won't love it as much as I do.

    Love YOU!

  2. I'm humbled.....
    Love you so much!

  3. Beautiful blocks and love the batiks! This is going to be so precious!