Monday, March 26, 2012

My Christmas cactus is a late bloomer!  This was taken last week and many more buds and blooms have appeared since.  I'm not the only one experiencing "St. Patrick's Day" cacti instead of Christmas cacti.  Many bloggers that I follow have cacti that are in full bloom right now so I can't give myself any credit for having a green thumb.  No matter what, I'm enjoying the beautiful blooms in March!

I mowed my yard yesterday! Indiana....never, ever, ever have I mowed in March.  I still have lots of yard work to do....all of that spring clean up and trimming.  I feel like I'm behind because of all of the warm weather this past month and I have to remind myself that it's ONLY March and I'm way ahead of schedule.  I'm hoping for snow in August or September to shorten my yard work season!

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