Friday, December 31, 2010

My name is Jeanie and I am a fabriholic. And I have the most wonderful enabling friends that help to keep this obsession strong and ongoing. (You know who you are!)

Here's my latest project material, all possible because of the above enablers! This will be my first batik quilt. I've always loved the fabrics and have even done my own batiking back in the 60's and 70's. Still, beyond a small project and even some clothing, I simply haven't attacked a full sized quilt using all batik fabrics.

The jelly roll fabrics will be made into a pinwheel type pattern.....the beige will be the background of those pinwheels, as well as the first border...... the next bold fabric will be the bigger border.......the next milder fabric will be the binding....and the last fabric will be my backing.

It was hard to choose the fabrics because the variety is so extensive. I just love the bright colors and the unique shading of each one. Hopefully, it will turn out the way it looks in my mind's eye.

Here's another shot of some new fabrics....again from one of my enablers. Don't know what this will be used for, but I love the bright kitty fabrics. More goodies for my never ending stash!

Hope that you all have a safe New Year's Eve. May God bless you with a new year full of delightful surprises and friends that warm your heart!

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