Monday, April 26, 2010

I joined a gym today! A free membership with Silver Sneakers, an old folks perk from my insurance company. I have such a problem with dizziness that walking outside isn't exactly a pleasant way to exercise (it can be down right dangerous) and I don't have the money or room for any inside exercise equipment.
I'm not expecting any quick changes, as it took me many years to get so unhealthy and out of shape, but I hope to stick with it and little by little, regain some endurance. It's never too late, right!?

And another perk for joining........I dug out my tennis shoes, (which had been hibernating in the closet for a couple of years now) and found a hidden cat toy in the toe of one of the shoes. Oliver has been reunited with his green fuzz ball and is also getting some exercise as he chases his "new" toy!


  1. I love the feeling I get AFTER I exercise... it's just so hard to start. That dizziness thing sounds pretty scary and darned inconvenient.

  2. Hello Jeanie!

    We think it's great you've made the choice to get active again and join SilverSneakers! You're right! It's never too late!

    If you haven't already, join us on Facebook at

    We wish you the best!

    Your friends at SilverSneakers.