Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Block #11 out of 12 is finished. I didn't do the best job on this block because I changed one of the fabrics and the pieces got lost in transition. If you look closely at the beige triangle sections, you will see that each triangle is actually made of four triangles. The original pattern called for the center triangle to be made with the same light blue fabric as the outer sections. I wasn't happy with the light blue and substituted a complimentary fabric which totally lost the definition of the separate triangles. It would have been much easier to just make one triangle instead of combining the four triangles. Up close, in person, you can see the four separate units but they are all but lost in this photo. It's still a nice enough block, but I certainly messed up the whole point of the design!

I received the first part of my mono color block exchange today! Twenty blocks, each reading one color. I was pretty happy with most of them. A couple were rather wonky and I will be enlisting "Jack the Ripper" to help me take them apart and resew them. It was fun to look at all of the different fabrics.

More mono color blocks.....(I did receive one duplicate so it will be returned for an exchange.) Oh, and are you observant enough to see that one of the blocks is rotating counter-clockwise instead of clockwise?

And the last four blocks....

I hope to start the next 20 blocks sometime this week. I have chosen orange for the color, as the hostess said they didn't receive many orange blocks in the first part of the exchange.

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