Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of my recently added sidebars is for an organization called Kiva. It is a program that loans to small businesses, usually in impoverished areas. I've been a member for a couple of years and have been able to help three women entrepreneurs build their businesses.

When I first joined Kiva, there were hundreds of people asking for loans. As this very successful program has continued, they actually have to look to find entrepreneurs that need the additional help. At times, there are no loans needed, which is a wonderful problem to have.

Once you pick the person that you would like to help fund, you choose the amount that you would like to donate. I picked $25, the most that I could afford, and once the money is repaid to you, you can turn around and loan that same money again. I've loaned to three people and they have very diligently paid their loans back. I just keep my $25 in motion and it continues to help others at no further cost to me beyond the original donation.

Just wanted to throw this out to you in case you hadn't heard of Kiva. I highly recommend this organization and, selfishly, it gives me a nice feeling knowing that I've helped a person in need become successful.

Now go and check out Kiva for yourself! Find the entrepreneur that speaks to your heart and help them reach their goal!

(Just wanted to add that in the time that it took me to write this post, the woman that I funded, received her full funding. I was the second to donate and within 15 minutes, her entire loan was funded. That's how widespread this program has gone and how quickly people step up to help others! Now see if there is someone else that could use a little help from you!)

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