Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a long time since I've posted.....sorry about that. My energy levels are so sporadic and I only have so many hours in any given week (or weeks) that allow me to craft. I do try and make the best of those precious hours!

This is the center block of my wall hanging. I'm only showing the back side so that you can see all of the pieces in one block. This is a 7" block and I believe there are 52 pieces. With paper piecing, this is simply not a problem. Accuracy is easy if you just take your time, follow the numbers on the paper, and sew a straight seam. Take your time and be patient.....take your time and be patient.........take your time and be patient...........

This is a pile of the completed blocks. Surrounding the center 7" block will be a row of 3" blocks, along with various borders. I sewed all of the blocks and borders together last night and now need to make my piping for the edge. I decided not to use regular binding, but finish it off with piping. Piping gives it a neat, finished edge that is especially nice for wall hangings. Of course, all this is subject to change pending how things turn out!

And then comes the dreaded quilting! I'm not very good at quilting by machine and this wall hanging would be extremely difficult to hand quilt, due to all of the seam allowances and bulk. One step (stitch) at a time, I guess, machine or hand.
To be continued.........

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