Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've got something different for you today. No sewing machines were needed!

Can you guess what these pieces and parts will become?......No? Well, keep scrolling down........

It's a mouse! Eeeek! I think he's a pretty cute mouse, at that! In addition to sewing and fabric crafting, I enjoy lampworking (flameworking, hot glass, molten glass, whatever you want to call it). I made the beads that were used as the body and head of the mouse. I have a jar of odds and ends beads that didn't make it into jewelry and this is a great way to put them to good use.

This mouse was not my own design. I bought a tutorial on how to make him from Maria at Whimzicalities, a fellow lampworker. Overall, it was pretty easy to make. I didn't have the right gauge of copper wires and will wait to make another one after I find the right gauges. I searched through my garage stash, stripped a few cables, and found some usable copper wire. Some of his parts are too thick, some are too thin. Nonetheless, he seems no worse for the wear.
Now, say "Cheese", little mouse!


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